Will Cycling Make My Legs Bigger?


MYTH OR FACT? We meet so many women who say they would love to cycle but are reluctant to start because they believe it will give them larger thighs. We wanted to get to the bottom of this! Is this simply a myth or does cycling result in big, bulky thighs? Unfortunately, there is no […]

Clara Hughes: Riding for a Great Cause


I am feeling particularly proud and celebratory this Canada Day, as Clara has rolled into Ottawa, completing her inspirational “Big Ride”. This 110 km journey allowed the six-time Olympic medalist to connect with youth in every province and territory and promote awareness of mental illness. As the spokesperson for Bell’s “Let’s Talk” campaign, Clara has […]

Why I am Fond ‘O’ the Gran Fondo


What is this Gran Fondo fever sweeping across the country and why you should join the party. The term “Gran Fondo” means “long distance” or “great endurance” and relates to a challenging, usually quite hilly, mass participation cycling event. Of Italian origin, this phenomenon has been popping up in cities all over North America in […]